Blogging with gh-pages and and Github Actions

In order to host my blog I looked no further then gh-pages. Since my sourcecode is on github and they offer free gh-pages and ci with github actions I see no reason why this simple blog should be hosted anywhere else. The github workflow is pretty simple On any push to master it will fetch the site with submodules (to get the theme) generate png file from all the puml files in /static setup hugo version 0. [Read More]

Blogging with BeatutifulHugo

After searching and trying out lots of different themes i settled on beautifulhugo.

The criera I have for chooing a theme can be found in blogging

Some of the other themes I tried was:

  • kiara
  • eureka
  • papermod
  • anatole

Blogging with Puml

PlantUML is another passion of mine for making diagrams. As you might have realised I like working with things that are ascii text and not WYSIWYG.

Here is an example of a image that is generated using github actions. The PUML file resides in static in this repo and it generates a png when the site is built.


Blogging with code

When writing a technical blog you often want to include code snippts inside your blog posts, however you do not want to have to do tedious copy and paste between your actual code and the blog posts. Also you want to ensure that your code actually compiles. There is nothing more annoying then code samples that does not compile. In order to cope with this I have crated a shortcode code for hugo that allows me to [Read More]

Blogging with Hugo

I decided to start up blogging again. My eyes have long been on hugo as a blogging plattform. My needs for blogging are: blog showing actual syntax highlight code blog using plantuml diagrams blog using markdown Hugo makes all of that possible although plantuml integration does not look to be as smooth as I want yes. More on that later. I struggled for a long time finding a theme I like, for now I am kiera, but not sure it will stay that way. [Read More]