About me

No power in the verse can stop me

I go by the handle of bjartek on the internet and have done so for quite a few years now. I have been coding ever since i first touched a computer in 92, got my first part time job in 98 and my first full time job in 2006. I got a masters degree in informatics from NTNU in Norway.

I started my career writing PHP webapps, dabbled with iOS when the iPhone arrived , then i transitioned to the JVM and have been developing there pretty much since. I like alternative languages on the JVM and was really into scala for a while. Nowadays we use kotlin as work as I find it more pragamatic then scala for a large organisation.

I have always had the passion to make tools. Tools to make it easier to work, easier to automate and make things simpler. For the last 5 years I have been working on plattforms. Mainly I work on the developer/operator experience part of the plattform. More concretly making Kubernetes/OpenShift usable to other teams at work. Doing this i also came into contact with the nice little langauge called go. I have a love-hate relationship with go. It is very good and very bad. I hope generics will make it more good then bad.

Since summer 2020 i started to dabble with blockchain, more specifically the Flow blockchain. I wanted to expand my horizon and see for myself what a blockchain could be used for. I find the theory behind flow and proof of stake blockchains interresting.

I prefer static types, type inferrence, pure functions, vim, aliases and abbreviations, simple things.