Flow Intro

Last summer i joined Open World Builders to expand my horizons and find out what blockchain/crypto was all about. I started with reading the technical papers for flow and liked that the blockchain was PoS and that it had its own novel programming language Cadence that was resource oriented.

During OWB i became part of team23 that turned into versus. We are currently in the process of launching the concept live on mainnet these days.

In order to help me develop with sanity on flow I developed tooling because I found the status-quo there lacking. go-with-the-flow was born after collaboration with 0xAlchemist.

After beeing part of the flow community since last summer I find it open and helpful. As a long time developer my twitter feed is flooded with messages like ‘block-chains are good for nothing’, well I kinda want to explore more myself and find out if there are some things it can be used for.

One aspect of flow that fascinates me is that you can make an API eternal. As eternal as the blockchain that it lives on that is. If you publish an API to flow and revoke the key that can change it, you basically have a stable API that will live there forever. I find that capacity something that is useful. If you combine that with storing metadata and content on the blockchain itself well then you have a #SODA. Serverless OnChainData Distributed Application. And application that does not have a traditional backend but resides only on the blockchain. Where all clients are non-custodial and are treated the same.

The flow community hangs out at discord so come join us if you like and explore for yourself what it is about.